Creating a Greener Earth from Infancy


Good for baby~Reusable~Easy~Environment friendly~No chemical

Dry Baby Cloth Cloth Diaper Service is a premier service, offering an alternative to disposables. 

Our team delivers 100% cotton diapers to your doorstep every week and takes away the soiled. Our diapers are professionally laundered and sanitized, providing comfort to your baby's sensitive skin. 

More families are making the choice to protect their babies from the chemicals found in disposable diapers by making the switch to cloth diapers, so their children have a safer and healthier experience. It also helps reduce  landfill waste and preserve the earth for future generations. Our convenient delivery and pick-up service makes it easier than ever to get started. 

 Our team will deliver to your home, office, or daycare -- whatever is the most convenient option. Our aim is to provide you with the best cloth diapers service that supports you, your babies, and the environment we live in.       


Contact us today to give cloth a try and let us do your dirty work for you!    

Enjoy the Convenience of Having Something Delivered to You!

For Every Generation of Family

~Grandma used them on her children

~Parents love the modern & stylish look

~Babies enjoy the cool cotton comfort &

~No chemicals-less chance of diaper rash

~Convenient doorstep delivery

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Mickey and his parents are eager to greet their delivery rep to receive their fresh stash of cloth just before their road trip!

Just a few more months and this little  tyke will be graduating to training pants

Houston, Texas


 "Used the service for both children and this was the best option for us. Very easy. Service was always on time and questions answered quickly. My son was potty trained in three days. Thank you!"

Bellaire, Texas


 "I happily testify to the miracle of cloth."  With granddaughter, Charlotte ("Little Miss"). This nurse and grandma knows the benefit of cotton! 

Houston, Texas

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